Sustainable Fleet Management For Electric Vehicles & Assets

Elevate your commitment to sustainability with our comprehensive sustainable fleet management solution tailored for electric vehicles and assets. Drive efficiency while minimizing environmental impact for a greener future.


Why Aarconiot's EV Fleet Management Solutions?

Real-time GPS Tracking

Experience precision with our advanced real-time GPS tracking solutions for efficiency.

State of charge Monitoring

Optimize performance with our precise state-of-charge monitoring technology for accurate insights.

Live Battery Alerts

Stay informed with our Live Battery Alerts, ensuring optimal performance always.

Reduced Operational Costs

Planned EV fleet operations, maintenance, driver coaching, and more.

Control Fleet Operations

Optimize efficiency and manage resources seamlessly with our Control Fleet Operations.

Manage Fleet's Charging Costs

Efficiently control and reduce charging costs with our innovative fleet management.

Monitor Battery Health

Ensure optimal performance by diligently monitoring and maintaining battery health.


*Reliable Partnerships

*Customized OEM Solutions

*Scalability and Efficiency

*End-to-End Support


*Data Integration

*Real-time Insights

*Resource Optimization

*Scalable Solutions

*Enhanced Connectivity

EV Buyers

*Sustainable Solutions

*Incentives and Rebates

*Comprehensive Vehicle Options

*Advanced Technology

*Reduced Operating Costs